No refreshing. Auto accepting. Instant notifications.

The freedom and flexibility to earn maximum amount, according to your schedule.

Arrium allows you to set your preferences for the blocks that you want to work, and then it accepts the blocks as soon as they appear.

The Amazing Benefits

Daily Schedule

Set your availability for each day including the minimum amount you want to earn

Auto Search + Accept

We'll scan your app for blocks and accept blocks that match you're your preferences


We'll send you a message when a blocks been accepted by email and SMS so you know immediately you're booked for a driving slot

Save you time

Spend time on things you'd rather be doing, rather than sitting at your phone pressing the “refresh” button, hoping to get the block you want

More days off

Complete all your blocks across a couple days, rather than a couple blocks everyday

Drive safely

Arrium can still check for blocks, even when you're using your app to do your deliveries

Safe and secure

Arrium works in a safe and secure way because we've got you logged into the app on this end - you're just controlling the app on your end, through Arrium

Earn more

Work the maximum hours available as a driver, to reap the maximum potential earnings

How Arrium Works


Enter your preferences

Enter your preferences for the days, times and locations that you want to work


Press the start button

When you press the Start button, Arrium will immediately begin prowling your Offers page for blocks that meet your availability.


Arrium will check for offers that match


You will receive a notification when a block has been accepted

When Arrium see’s these blocks, in your Offers page, it’ll auto-accept the blocks, and send you an email and SMS notification.

Talk to a Human

At Arrium, your email isn't going to disappear into a black hole, your live chat is going to go unanswered.

We provide great customer service because it's the kind of customer service we expect to receive ourselves. So, we deliver it in the same way we expect it to receive it.

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